Morrisville HVAC Repair ServicesThe skilled technicians at Greer’s Service Company take the time to understand your needs and provide you with options that fit your budget. To keep your home running smoothly, we offer comprehensive Morrisville HVAC repair services from quick checkups to major repairs.


We will earn your trust through our commitment to HVAC repair services in Morrisville NC and treat our customers as if they are our own family. Building managers and homeowners count on us to take care of their HVAC needs:

  • AC is Not Blowing Cool Air – If your AC isn’t blowing out cold air, the problem may be with the thermostat or compressor. The thermostat regulates how much cooling goes into your home. The compressor is what pumps refrigerant through the coils. Either way, our Morrisville HVAC repair services technicians will conduct a thorough assessment and pinpoint the problem.
  • Leaky Ducts – If you haven’t noticed any signs of leakage but your HVAC system is losing efficiency, you may have a problem with ductwork. Our technicians will inspect the ducts, find leaks or blockages, and fix them.
  • Furnace Makes Strange Noises – This could be caused by a loose motor belt or pulley on the blower fan motor which will have to be tightened up as soon as possible. If it continues to make noise after we test it, then you may have a problem with the blower itself. Your technician will recommend solutions that are both affordable and effective.


When you work with our staff, you can rest assured knowing that you are receiving HVAC repair services in Morrisville NC that are of the highest caliber. Our customers enjoy:

  • Working with a family-owned company with real family values
  • Prompt service from highly trained technicians
  • Pricing that is very competitive
  • Greer’s Comfort Club, with huge savings on regular maintenance plus other perks


The worst time to find out your HVAC system is broken is when the temperature outside is scorching hot or bone-chilling cold, which is why we provide Morrisville HVAC repair services that are fast and efficient. Call Greer’s Service Company for a free quote today at (919) 544-2652.


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