Morrisville Furnace Repair CompaniesWhen your furnace breaks down, it can make your life unbearable. Finding Morrisville furnace repair companies who can repair your broken furnace quickly is important, especially if you and your loved ones are going through an incredibly long and brutal winter as many of us have experienced in recent years.


Our team prides itself on prompt, quality service. If you are experiencing any of the following furnace problems (or something else), we will come out, perform diagnostic tests, and provide you with a free quote before starting work:

  • Furnace Shuts Off – If it turns out that your furnace is starting up but not staying on, then there could be an issue with the igniter. Other possible problems include defective wiring, dirty burners, and clogged pilot tubes all of which can be serious and require furnace repair companies in Morrisville NC with expertise.
  • Leaking Gas Valves – Gas valves are one of the most common problems that our furnace repair technicians encounter. When you have a leaky gas valve, it can cause a huge mess in your home and even put your family at risk.
  • Loose Wiring Connections – Loose wiring connections can cause short circuits, high amperage draws, overheating coils and even fire hazards if left unchecked by Morrisville furnace repair companies in time. Loose connections should always be tightened so that damage doesn’t occur from them not being secured properly to their connection points within your furnace unit itself.


Other furnace repair companies in Morrisville NC are novices compared to us! With 75 years of combined experience, it is safe to say that at some point or another, our team has seen it all. We are expert fixers when it comes to your:

  • Heat pump
  • Gas, oil, electric, propane or dual fuel furnace
  • Gas pack
  • Whole HVAC system


As one of the leading Morrisville furnace repair companies today, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service possible. We treat our customers like family and are always ready to answer any questions you may have about your heating system. Call Greer’s Service Company at (919) 544-2652 today.


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