Heat & Air Replacement Services in Durham, Raleigh & Chapel Hill, NC

Greer’s Heating & Air installs furnaces, gas packs, air conditioning units and heat pumps for residential and commercial customers in Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, NC, and other parts of the Triangle. Even if you’re a DIY wizard, it’s a good idea to allow seasoned professionals like us to do your HVAC installations.

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Our team of installers make sure your equipment is functioning optimally and isn’t wasting energy that will inflate your monthly utility bills. Our licensed technicians are highly trained and have access to the specialized types of tools and materials that are necessary to install your new equipment the most efficient way…the very first time.


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In addition to installation services, we also perform HVAC repairs and HVAC maintenance. Protect the investment you’ve made in the heating and cooling systems you own by contacting Greer’s Heating & Air today.