Extreme Care Guarantees

Extreme Savings: Upgrade your system as we’ve recommended and we guarantee that you will save at least 20% on your home’s total electric consumption in the first year or we will pay you the difference. Replace your complete ductwork system and we’ll guarantee you’ll save yet another 5% in the first year on top of all of that!

Extreme Cleanliness: We will leave the work area as clean as or cleaner than it was before we started and we will protect your carpets and floors at all times. If not, we will clean/repair them or pay to have them cleaned/repaired.

Extreme Timeliness: We will complete the work within the time frame agreed upon. If we fail to do so, we will take $100 off the price.

Extreme Warranties: We provide some of the best equipment warranties in the industry and all new equipment comes with 2 full years of labor warranty for workmanship, materials, parts and equipment issues as long as your equipment has not been neglected, abused, or mis-used. We now offer a GREAT Warranty+ program that will add an additional 8 years to the labor warranty. Ask your Greer’s representative about our Warranty+ program!

If your equipment fails during the labor warranty period we will ensure that you have heating or cooling, as appropriate, in your home again within 24 hours or we will pay for you to spend the night in a hotel/motel of our choosing – something we’d stay in ourselves, not a “flea-bag motel.” Temporary heating and/or cooling may apply. If you have another system in the house that will apply, too. Bottom line…one way or another, you’re not going without again!

Extreme Comfort: If we replace your entire duct systems there will be no greater than a 4-degree Fahrenheit difference from room to room or floor to floor (as applicable) or we will rebalance them as many times as necessary until they come within 4 degrees.


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Extreme Satisfaction: Your job will be permitted and inspections provided for electrical and mechanical applications, as necessary and required. Only when we, the county/city inspectors and, most importantly, you are satisfied will the job be complete.

Extreme Protection: We are fully licensed and insured for any property damage and we carry workman’s compensation insurance for all of our personnel. We also demand our subcontractors carry these types of insurance, too, while at your property. We use only the finest quality equipment, parts and materials. All of our technicians are trained and retrained continuously in all installation, service and repair standards of practice and safety procedures.

Extreme Environmental Care: We will recycle whatever and whenever possible any replaced or removed refrigerant, equipment, parts and/or materials including packing materials, boxes, pallets, etc. We have long been proponents of reclaiming, reusing and recycling anything and everything we can. It makes sense…both for the environment and to our bottom line.

Some restrictions apply. Call or ask your sales representative for complete details.