Chapel Hill Furnace Repair CompaniesWhen you don’t know who to call for heating repairs, consider Greer’s Service Company. We are preferred over other Chapel-Hill furnace repair companies because we are a family owned and operated company that provides fast, high-quality furnace repairs.


As a busy furnace repair company, we see the same problems repeatedly. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it is time to call us:

  • Utility Bills are Getting Higher and Fan Is Not Turning On – If the blower motor isn’t working, it can prevent air from being circulated, so furnace repair companies in Chapel-Hill NC often hear customers complain about high heating costs because it can be difficult to keep the whole home at a comfortable
  • Pilot Light is Out – If you have an older model furnace that uses a pilot light, we will gladly relight it for you so that you don’t have to worry about getting cold!
  • Noisy Operation – If you hear loud banging sounds coming from your furnace, this could indicate something serious going on inside the unit itself like broken or loose components. It’s best to have an expert look at it right away before anything gets worse.
  • Heat Pump Issues – Heat pumps are more energy efficient than traditional furnaces, but they’re also more complicated and prone to break down. Experienced Chapel-Hill furnace repair companies find that this is especially true when they are 10 years old or more.


It might seem like furnace repair is a simple job. However, it requires furnace repair companies in Chapel-Hill NC who have special tools and knowledge or else you risk:

  • More expensive problems later if it’s not fixed right the first time
  • Voided parts warranties because they are not covered by DIY repairs
  • Health problems, including carbon monoxide poisoning


Whether you have a gas, oil, electric or dual fuel furnace, count on one of the leading Chapel-Hill furnace repair companies for speedy repairs. Our technicians will have it fixed in no time! Contact the Greer’s Service Company team at (919) 544-2652.


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