Cary HVAC Contractor ServicesWe know how frustrating it can be when your HVAC system breaks down and you have no idea what to do about it. Our professional Cary HVAC contractor services are here so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on repairs or waiting weeks for an appointment.


As a locally owned company providing HVAC contractor services in Cary NC for decades, we strive to form lasting relationships by giving you fair price quotes for just about anything that can go wrong with your HVAC system:

  • Water Leakage – This can be a serious issue if left unchecked because it can cause water damage and mold. The culprit may be a faulty AC condenser coil which, over time, can wear out and leak due to corrosion or other damage.
  • Your Furnace Sounds Like It’s Rattling – People often call for Cary HVAC contractor services because of this issue, which could indicate that components are broken inside the system itself and need to be replaced with new hardware. Your technician can tell you if this is likely to be the culprit or not and advise you on the best next steps.
  • The Air Coming Out of Your Vents Smells Bad or Like Burning Rubber –This problem can be alarming and might be caused by a dirty filter or damaged blower wheel in the furnace or air conditioner. A technician will clean or replace the filter as needed, then inspect other parts of the system for damage before replacing parts as needed.


These days, many folks are do-it-yourselfers. However, when you need HVAC contractor services in Cary NC from qualified technicians, don’t try to fix your system yourself or else you may risk:

  • More (expensive) damage to your system
  • An invalidated warranty
  • Personal injury


We have gotten calls from people who are embarrassed because they don’t know how to reignite the pilot light on their older furnace. Alternatively, we have dealt with major HVAC system outages. No worries!

When we say we offer HVAC contractor services in Cary NC in a family-oriented atmosphere, we mean it. Call Greer’s Service Company with any issue, large or small, at (919) 544-2652.


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