When your air conditioning unit breaks, you need it repaired right away. You could wait for another repairman to come to your house within the next few days or next week, but you don’t want to do that during a heat wave!

Fortunately, we bring you fast and reliable Cary air conditioning repair from a family-owned and operated company you can trust.


If your AC unit seems like it’s in minor disrepair, you may be tempted to try to fix it by yourself. However, we highly recommend professional air conditioning repair in Cary NC and warn against DIY repairs which often don’t turn out well for many reasons:

  • You May Accidentally Make Things Worse – Air conditioning units are often ducted through walls, basements, and attics. If you don’t know what’s behind the walls or if you cut into the wrong spot, there’s a chance that you’ll make things worse rather than better.
  • You Could Void Your Warranty – When a manufacturer sells you an air conditioner, they expect customers to follow specific instructions for installation and maintenance. If they find out that someone installed their product incorrectly or didn’t follow their maintenance guidelines, they have every right to void their warranty on those products.
  • Safety Issues – Air conditioners can be very dangerous if they are not installed or maintained by Cary air conditioning repair technicians that know what they are doing. A faulty air conditioner may cause electrical shock.


We know how hot your summers can get, and how quickly your air conditioning can break down. After all, we live here too! We provide air conditioning repair in Cary NC to help with any AC problems you may have:

  • AC not cooling
  • AC running all the time
  • AC leaking water in my home
  • Noisy AC
  • AC blowing warm air


AC repairs can be a big headache, but there is no reason you should have to deal with undue stress. To get more information or schedule a Cary air conditioning repair appointment, please call Greer’s Service Company at (919) 544-2652 to talk to a friendly technician.


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