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How do I select the correct system for my home? 

Commonly, folks make this decision based almost exclusively on price. When you select this way, you’re really selecting the company that will do the very minimum amount of work possible, do it as cheap as possible and with the cheapest parts and materials possible. 

That way might be smart if you could make the assumption that all HVAC companies are equally trained, qualified and experienced. Of course they’re not, though. As it pertains to air conditioner replacements, the company you choose should be the first and it’s certainly the most important decision you’ll make…period! We estimate it’s 90% or more of the equation.

New HVAC system maintenance

The good news is, when you choose Greer’s you’re making the first and best decision you possibly can. All those other decisions, including price, manufacturer, capacity, efficiency, accessories, etc. will follow after that. 

Our highly trained and professional team of HVAC mechanics and system design experts will walk you through each and every decision until YOU have reached the right A/C system for you, your family and your wallet.

Please call us at (919) 544-2652 to discuss a new system with one of our experienced team members.


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