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About Greer's Service Company in Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill, NC

A Word from the Owner of Greer's Service Company


In 1978, amidst the ever-tightening purse strings of a recession, my father, Dave Greer, Sr., gave birth to the ideal that personal, reliable, high-quality service of heating and cooling equipment was something many people valued greatly—especially in tough times.

He surmised that most people would remain far more loyal to a real person than they would to the impersonal, nameless "everyone is just a number" kind of companies that tend to fill the marketplace. With that ideal, one service truck, and a lot of sleepless nights, Greer's Service Company, Inc., began.

Since then, we have seen the fruits of that wisdom and years of hard work pay off. Our family-owned-and-operated company has grown at a steady pace—in good and poor economies, through giant industry changes, and with an entire generation of nearly chaotic changes in demographics and seemingly boundless urban sprawl.

“If you’re wanting to be something more than just a number, something more than the newest profit center for the biggest HVAC outfits, and if personal, reliable, expert HVAC service and installation is what your looking for…please contact us today and let’s set a convenient time to meet up and start saving you some money.”

Greer's Service Company has been servicing my AC and furnace for more than 30 years. I have always found them to be prompt, efficient, skillful, and courteous.
- P. Carbone
Greer's Service Company was recommended to us some 20 years ago, and they are very courteous and responsive. I am now a widow, so it is good to know that they will come whenever I need them.
- P. McIntyre
The Greers are very dependable and trustworthy. They always make sure I have proper heat or AC anytime day or night. I am grateful for their service.
- P. Longmire
We moved here from Georgia in 1985, and we had to have a service company look into our air conditioner. Greer's came to look at the problem and fixed it. We decided to let his company be the one for us. Our old heat pump gave out and we decided on a new one—a Carrier™, which was cheaper than Greers' Trane™. About five years later, we started having problems. The other company sent someone out and said that it was fixed, but it did the same thing about a week later. They tried to charge me again, so we started back with Greer's Service Company again. They have really been there for us every time we need them to repair the unit. I would recommend this company to anyone and we are glad they came back to help us. They are the best.
- The Gentry Family
We have been using Greer's Service Company for about 25 years. They have never failed to address our problem as quickly as possible, showing up promptly and showing respect for their customers as well as their property. We have had unit failures during the heat of July and Greer's installed a new unit in record time with minimal disruption to our comfort. When Greer's gives us a diagnosis of our problem, we never feel that we are being taken advantage of—something that can't be said of all service companies. We also appreciate the kindness that they show toward our pets.
- R & C. Young
Greer's Service Company has always been willing and able to promptly and reasonably solve all of our air conditioning problems. We gladly recommend them. You will not be disappointed.
- H. Malmquist, M.D.
Very Professional, very pleasant, and very personal. Everything was explained perfectly and the work performed was exactly as described. There were no hidden costs like some other places would have. I have recommended Greer's Service Company to everyone that needs some kind of heat or air service.
- K. Ponger

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