A Word from the Owner of Greer’s Heating & Air

In 1978, amidst the ever-tightening purse strings of a recession, my father, Dave Greer, Sr., gave birth to the ideal that personal, reliable, high-quality service of heating and cooling equipment was something many people valued greatly—especially in tough times.

He surmised that most people would remain far more loyal to a real person than they would to the impersonal, nameless “everyone is just a number” kind of companies that tend to fill the marketplace. With that ideal, one service truck, and a lot of sleepless nights, Greer’s Heating & Air, Inc. began.

Since then, we have seen the fruits of that wisdom and years of hard work pay off. Our family-owned-and-operated company has grown at a steady pace—in good and poor economies, through giant industry changes and with an entire generation of nearly chaotic changes in demographics and seemingly boundless urban sprawl.


Family Owned • Family Operated • Family Values

If you’re wanting to be something more than just a number, something more than the newest profit center for the biggest HVAC outfits and if personal, reliable, expert HVAC service and installation is what you’re looking for…please contact us today and let’s set a convenient time to meet up and start saving you some money.